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Romanian-born, Toronto-bred Simina Grigoriu has been steadily racking up accolades during her decade-long career. Starting off as a DJ, she quickly made the transition as a producer and kicked off her own label Kuukou, a home for techno forward productions, where she calls all the shots. In this time she’s also transplanted to Berlin, a place she now calls home and the major source of her creative inspiration, a source as diverse as her influences. 

Simina’s musical roots stem deep in her childhood when she studied classical violin and keyboard. Coupled with her parents’ musical legacy and her passion for Hip Hop freestyling as a teen, it encapsulates the foundation of her style, an avenue she continues to explore to this day. 

Garnering on the exposure of Toronto’s clubs, where growing up, the likes of Jeff Mills, Josh Wink and Juan Atkins struck a chord, Simina’s style grew and developed constantly into the straightforward and uplifting techno she fronts today. 

Her first productions came to light on the Berlin label Sonat Records in 2010 with the huge “Mukluks & Ponytails” EP, followed by releases with Phrase Insane Records in Spain, Italy’s Intellectro Vibe, Urban Sound and Frequenza Records. A debut album was sure to follow, as Exit City became one of Susumu Records’ highest chart toppers. 

After a yearlong break, where she focused her efforts on motherhood while keeping an active studio schedule, Simina christened Kuukou Records in July 2016 with her inaugural EP on the label “Techno Monkey”. Shortly after, she doled out “Matching Numbers” on POPOF’s FORM, an immediate hit EP complete with a smashing remix by Julian Jeweil. Since then, Simina has become a mainstay on some of the most notable labels in the techno world, with critically acclaimed, internationally-lauded releases on the likes of ELEVATE, Tronic Music, Set About, Prospect Records and Complexed Records to name just a few. 

An active globetrotter, Simina’s constantly touring, having wowed crowds at festivals and venues all over the world so it’s no surprise the Techno chief named her label ‘Kuukou’ (Japanese for airport). Since its inception the burgeoning imprint has gone from strength to strength, with a steady stream of hard-hitting releases from the likes of Torsten Kanzler, Gallya, Fabio Florido, Dusty Kid, BB Deng, Drumcomplex, Alfred Heinrichs, Martin Books and Daniel Boon amongst others.

Safe to say the coming months and years will provide a plethora of amazing releases, performances and surprises from one of Techno’s most dynamic ladies.